GA Connector integration

Bring Google Analytics data to Salesflare

About GA Connector

Most sales don't happen online; they are closed by sales reps, either in person or over the phone. By default, Google Analytics doesn't have access to these sales, so you have no idea about how much revenue was generated by a certain campaign, ad, article or keyword. This results in spending money on leads that don't buy anything.

That's where GA Connector comes in - to help marketers understand the true impact of their campaigns on the bottom line.

GA Connector imports web analytics information about each contact from Google Analytics into Salesflare, allowing you to measure ROI of each Marketing campaign, Adwords keyword, Facebook ad etc.

GA Connector features

  • Track the activity of your leads from first click to last click
  • Track campaign, keyword, channel and more
  • Track leads' geolocation and browser information

GA Connector pricing

$97/mo billed annually

GA Connector listing screenshots

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