MySQL integration

Relational database.

About MySQL

MySQL is a premier database used in millions of production environments around the world. Easily plug your MySQL database into any web service.

MySQL features

  • A free, open source database that powers a wide range of web apps and tools
  • Store data in multiple storage engines including InnoDB, CSV, NDB, and more
  • Replicate data and partition tables for better performance and durability
  • Access database info with SQL commands
  • Use triggers and views to enforce business rules and show only data needed per user
  • Available on 20+ platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Unix

MySQL pricing

  • Free open source MySQL Community Edition
  • $130/month per CPU MySQL Cloud Service for a hosted database
  • from $2,000/year MySQL Standard Edition with InnoDB and support
  • from $5,000/year MySQL Enterprise Edition with backup, monitoring, modeling, development, and administration tools along with support
  • From $10,000/year MySQL Cluster Grade Edition with distributed architecture for 99.999% availability and database scaling, with premier support

MySQL & Salesflare Zapier templates

MySQL listing screenshots

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