Delighted integration

Easiest way to measure customer happiness.

About Delighted

Delighted is the easiest and most beautiful way to measure customer happiness.

Delighted features

  • Survey experience: The Delighted survey experience is carefully crafted to showcase your brand, respect your customers’ time, and maximize the quality and quantity of customer feedback.
  • Email surveys: Email surveys are a simple and direct way to gather feedback from your customers. You provide the email addresses, we take care of the rest.
  • Web surveys: Automatically gather feedback directly on your website. Web surveys are great if you don’t have email addresses or want an additional way to reach your customers.
  • SMS surveys: Reach your customers on the device in their pocket for instant feedback. From flip phone to smartphone, feedback is only a text message away.
  • Survey customization: We’ve crafted a survey experience that your customers will love to interact with, along with the tools you need to make it uniquely yours.
  • Analysis and reporting: Delighted helps you gain insight from the feedback your customers are sharing. Get a bird’s eye view of customer happiness, or drill down to acute issues.
  • Integrations: Delighted works best when it is deeply and seamlessly integrated into your existing tools and workflow. We offer a number of options for making this simple.
  • Team collaboration: Delighted makes it easy to get your entire team involved. Allowing your team to read real customer feedback makes their work meaningful and more effective.

Delighted & Salesflare Zapier templates

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