Nectar Desk integration

Keep client communication under single interface

About Nectar Desk

Nectar Desk is one of the most affordable and complete SaaS solution for handling inbound and outbound calls with reporting and analytics. We deliver a comprehensive call center software that can be set up in minutes from buying a number to customizing your agents and more. Nectar Desk successfully integrates with Salesflare so that our customers can make calls worldwide directly from the Salesflare CRM and have them being logged in Salesflare under the contact’s account in a few seconds. Nectar Desk call log contains pretty all the required information about the call: ID, its direction, client’s number and yours, the name of the agent responsible for the call, time and date when it was initiated and its duration. We also provide our customers with access to the call recording URL in order to listen to the call you previously had with your client in case you are looking for some details. Start a free trial on our website or request a demo with Nectar Dest team and we will be glad to show you the benefits of using Nectar Desk with Salesflare :)

Nectar Desk features

  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls
  • Business SMS Messaging
  • Email Channel
  • Chatting
  • Click-to-Call & Click-to-SMS Extension
  • Voicemail Drop
  • Calling and Automated Campaigns
  • Call Analytics and Reports
  • Extensions and much more

Nectar Desk pricing

Price per user per month:

  • Basic Voice - $29
  • Multi-Channel - $49
  • Unlimited - $99

Get more information about our pricing here:

Nectar Desk listing screenshots

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