Ohmylead integration

Capture ALL leads and send only highly qualified ones

About Ohmylead

We help you drive ALL your generated leads under one roof, no matter where they come from on the web. Instantaneous following up, automatic contact validation and lead enrichment will let you easily filter and qualify your new raw leads with efficiency. Then send in one click to your sales pipe only leads that matter, with high potential. The other can enter in a new lead nurturing process.

Ohmylead features

  • Lead Sources - Send leads from your favorite lead generation sources, like Facebook Lead Ads, Linkedin Ads, Clickfunnels and more automatically through Ohmylead. You'll be able to modify data and add fixed values, so you get your leads just how you need them.

  • Real Time informations - Be alerted as soon as you generate a lead thanks to real time lead alert, increase your engagement by setting up welcome emails and measure your R.O.I

  • Automatic Lead Validation - Verify automatically the phone number and the email address. Invest your time on the right contact!

  • Leverage your qualification process - Send leads with deep insights, drive your leads and initiate your automation according to their maturity. Connect over 100 CRMs and Email tools

Ohmylead pricing

  • $19/mo for 500 leads/mo
  • $35/mo for 1000 leads/mo
  • $50/mo for 2000 leads/mo
  • $150/mo for 5000 leads/mo
  • $270/mo for 10K leads/mo
  • Talk with us if you generate more than 10 000 leads per month

Ohmylead listing screenshots

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