Twilio integration

API to send and receive SMS and voice calls.

About Twilio

An easy tool for developers to send and receive SMS and voice calls.

Twilio features

  • Voice API with phone numbers from around the world
  • SMS and MMS tools to send and receive messages
  • Toll-free number and shortcode support
  • Advanced phone tools including call recording, conferences, call routing, and more
  • Video and in-app messaging APIs to add communication features to apps
  • Build automated voice and messaging workflows with Twilio Studio
  • Connect to other messaging APIs including LINE, Viber, and Facebook Messenger with Twilio Channels
  • APIs and libraries to build mobile and web apps with telephony features easily

Twilio pricing

  • From $1 per phone number and $0.013/minute for outgoing calls
  • From $2 per toll-free number and $0.022/minute for incoming calls
  • From $0.0075/message for incoming or outgoing SMS messages
  • $0.0025/minute for call recording
  • $0.0018/minute per participant for conference calls

Twilio & Salesflare Zapier templates

Twilio listing screenshots

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