ConvertFlow integration

The all-in-one platform for converting website visitors

About ConvertFlow

Create, personalize and launch lead generation forms, surveys, quizzes, landing pages and popups on your website that integrate with Salesflare, without coding.

ConvertFlow features

How ConvertFlow integrates with Salesflare...

Get all the tools you need to convert website visitors: Create targeted popups, forms, quizzes, surveys, sticky bars and landing pages all from one platform. Add multiple steps, and use conditional logic to personalize paths for each visitor.

Trigger automations and segment leads in Salesflare: Capture, segment and update leads in Salesflare. Sync contact fields, add tasks and more.

Personalize your website for Salesflare contacts: Drive conversions across your funnel by personalizing your website, popups, forms, CTAs, surveys, sticky bars and landing pages for Salesflare contacts based on their Salesflare activity.

Enrich contacts in Salesflare with attribution data and through profiling: Enrich leads in Salesflare with attribution data and progressive profiling, to collect contact data across multiple visits and sessions.

Collaborate with your team and clients: Invite you team and clients to collaborate on conversion campaigns, and access reports. Manage multiple "website" sub-accounts that each have their own campaigns, integrations, reports and contacts.

ConvertFlow pricing

Free plan, 14 day free trial $29+/m paid plans

ConvertFlow & Salesflare Zapier templates

ConvertFlow listing screenshots

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