Leadinfo integration

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About Leadinfo

Leadinfo recognises anonymous B2B visitors that visit your website by linking the IP address to our unique database of more than 200 million companies. We show company data, email addresses and the LinkedIn profiles you need to close the deal. In this way you have all the information you need to make the first contact all from one clear dashboard.

With this integration you can easily link Leadinfo to Salesflare. After installing the integration, a button is added in Leadinfo to send leads to Salesflare. The website visits are synchronised with Salesflare, as well as address and phone numbers.

Leadinfo features

  • Recognize anonymous B2B website visitors
  • Real-time lead generation
  • Send hot leads from Leadinfo to Salesflare
  • Increase conversion 3x with powerful lead gen forms
  • Discover how leads are browsing your website
  • Achieve more by integrating Leadinfo and Google Ads
  • Use our insights to retarget leads on LinkedIn

Leadinfo pricing

Clear pricing for everyone: Our prices are based on the number of unique leads we recognise on your website per month

50 unique leads: €39 100 unique leads: €69 500 unique leads: €129 1000 unique leads: €199 2000 unique leads: €399 3000 unique leads: €499 4000 unique leads: €599 5000+: custom

Leadinfo listing screenshots

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