Leadworx integration

Know who is really visiting your website.

About Leadworx

You spend a lot of time driving traffic to your website but generally only 2% of these visitors end up contacting you. With Leadworx you can know the other 98% of the companies visiting your website and convert them into hot sales leads.

Leadworx features

  • Get details on all companies that visit your website.
  • Understand the behaviour of your website visitors and know which pages your prospect interacted most with.
  • Your potential leads are automatically fed to your CRM, saving your sales team's valuable time to close.

Leadworx pricing

  • $149 per month for 5K visitors/month
  • $299 per month for 10K visitors/month
  • $699 per month for 50K visitors/month
  • $1099 per month for 100K visitors/month

Leadworx listing screenshots

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