Linkdra integration

Simply more leads

About Linkdra

Are you spending more time hunting for leads than meeting customers? If yes, then that is about to change with Salesflare connected Linkdra. Drive your top of the funnel activity with quality leads through LinkedIn. Connecting with top leaders and decision-makers on LinkedIn fast-forwards your lead pipeline by 10x. Easily generate 20-40 top leads every week so that your calendar is always booked.

Linkdra features

Linkdra is a professional connect search platform. Sniper target the right business using Linkdra’s boolean search over popular search engines. Let the built-in scoring engine organize by the quality of fit and then you action them by sending templatized connection requests to prospects. Don’t get downed in email marketing competition. Instead, tap the clutter-free world of making connections with Linkdra. Works great with all types of LinkedIn accounts. Once you connect, your 1st degree contacts flow into your Salesflare contacts directly. Below are the fields that get filled automatically.

  • Name
  • Phone (if on record)
  • Email (if on record)
  • Profile Picture
  • Position Details
  • LinkedIn profile Id
  • Tags

– seamlessly trigger follow up engagement flow. Works 24/7 with just a 2 step setup. Simply fill the API connection access from Salesflare to Linkdra and see contacts flow. Working with a team? No problem. All the actions and contacts flow straight into Salesflare with 1 integration per account. So coordinating reach out across the team is so easy. No duplicates, no rework, or repeats. Now is the time to get on to the Leads Highway.

Linkdra pricing

With a Professional Linkdra Account, integration is included at no extra charge. No limits on the number of contacts.

Linkdra listing screenshots

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