Helpwise integration

Shared Inbox for Team Email, SMS & WhatsApp accounts

About Helpwise

Helpwise is an easy to use shared inbox for team email accounts like help@, jobs@ etc. As your business grows, sharing email accounts among colleagues is not scalable, creates chaos, lack of transparency & security loopholes. This is where shared inbox comes in!

With Helpwise and Salesflare integration, you can see contact’s information and tasks from Salesflare, within your Helpwise shared inbox. You can also, create or update contacts, opportunities or tasks in your Salesflare account directly from Helpwise.

This integration works with all Helpwise plans. Sign-up today on Helpwise for free.

Helpwise features

  • Delegate Conversations
  • Collision Detection
  • Automation Rules
  • Analytics/Reports
  • Help Center
  • Open Tracking
  • Notes
  • Tags

Helpwise pricing

$99/month ($999/year) for unlimited team members, 5 Shared inboxes (Email/SMS/WhatsApp) and 1 Help Center site. For details head on to

Helpwise listing screenshots

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