SyncPenguin integration

Easy and customizable two-way sync of Salesflare data

About SyncPenguin

SyncPenguin is a platform for reliable and fully customizable two-way synchronization of your Salesflare data with other apps or services.

Salesflare customers can use SyncPenguin to seamlessly sync their contact or task data with apps like Google Contacts, Office 365 Outlook, Notion, Apple iCloud (iPhone), Google Tasks,, and many more. You can add synchronizations, adjust field mappings, and add filters or custom rules using our simple and powerful no-code customization interface.

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SyncPenguin features

  1. Two-way sync without any corner cases or issues to worry about.
  2. Custom fields support.
  3. Unlimited field mapping, filters or custom rules.
  4. A powerful dashboard to create, manage and monitor your synchronizations.
  5. Flexible and affordable pricing that scales with your business.

SyncPenguin pricing

Starting $9 per month

SyncPenguin listing screenshots

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